CORONA VIRUS(COVID-19) is a one kind of new affected disease in the World.The disease is affected  by  corona virus patients or  by attacked  environments.We have to protect this disease by some system.We have to eat high protein foods & Vitamin C fruits daily  for protecting new Corona Virus.We have to drink plenty of pure water everyday.We have to drink hot lemon tea 4-5 times or hot water with lemon & little salt.We have to make society distance  for protecting Corona Virus (COVID-19). We have to make  neat & clean  our environments for protecting  Corona Virus(COVID-19). We have to make  Home Quarantine  & Hospital  Isolation System in the World.It is the best system for protecting  Corona Virus.Our body has not got Corona Virus.Our Body has taken inflammation  from attacked  people.Inflammation & infection is created BY  Corona Virus(COVID-19). If we can protect Inflammation & Infection by  take care,increasing immunity system energy of our body & awareness  of  our body health.A Person who has the best immunity system of his body,he will not attack by inflammation or infection  or Corona Virus easily.A Person who has no good immunity system of his body,he can attack to become  by inflammation or infection or Corona Virus easily.So,Everybody has to eat  high protein foods & different  fruits  for increasing our body immunity  system.