Title:Corona Virus (Covid-19)


CORONA VIRUS is a one kind of affected  new disease in the World.The disease is affected  by  corona virus patients or  by attacked  environments.We have to protect this disease by some system.We have to eat high protein foods & Vitamin C fruits daily  for protecting new Corona Virus.We have to drink plenty of pure water everyday.We have to drink hot lemon tea 4-5 times or hot water with lemon & little salt.We have to make society distance  for protecting Corona Virus (COVID-19). We have to make  neat & clean  our environments for protecting  Corona Virus(COVID-19). We have to make  Home Quarantine  & Hospital  Isolation System in the World.It is the best system for protecting  Corona Virus.Our body has not got Corona Virus.Our Body has taken inflammation  from attacked  people.Inflammation & infection is created BY  Corona Virus(COVID-19).We can protect Inflammation & Infection by  take care,increasing immunity system energy of our body & awareness  of  our body health.A Person who has the best immunity system of his body,he will not attack by inflammation or infection  or Corona Virus easily.A Person who has no good immunity system of his body,he can attack  by inflammation or infection or Corona Virus easily.So,Everybody has to eat  high protein foods & different  fruits  for increasing our body immunity  system.

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The CORONA VIRUS Common  symptoms are

  • Sore Throat
  •  Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Breathing difficulties  
  • aches & pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal Congestion 
  • Duration of Inflammation  2-14 days            


Quarantine  is  the best system for protecting Corona Virus.Quarantine Place will become neat & clean.

  • Every Hospital will  stay quarantine unit.
  • Quarantine place will stay good toilet,good wash room with neat & clean.
  • Quarantine place will not come any patients.
  • Quarantine place will make society & family distance.


  • Isolation is a place where will stay Corona Virus patients.
  • Isolation Hospital will stay good wash room,good toilet with neat & clean.
  • It will stay test kit,Mask,PPI,Vitamin C tablet,Vitamin C fruits,Pure Drinking water,lemon,salt  & necessary Medicine.
  • Here will stay many rooms for Corona Virus Patients.
  • One Room will not stay more than two patients.
  • One room will stay two toilet & two wash room.
  • Nurse,Doctor and stuff will stay separate wash room,separate room,separate toilet, separate canteen & separate bed for rest.


  • Home Quarantine
  • Digital l Isolation Hospital  at every City Corporation
  • Digital Isolation Unit at every upozilla Hospital ,every Medical College & every  Sadar Hospital.
  • Every Medical college ,Upozilla Hospital,Sadar Hospital will stay test kit,Mask,PPI,Necessary Medicine ,Vitamin C tablet,Vitamin C fruits   etc.
  • Every Hospital will stay Separate Section for every unit such as Doctor,Nurse,Doctor Assistant,Reception,Outdoor,Indoor,toilet,Wash room,canteen etc.
  • Digital Hospital will stay  Quarantine & Isolation Section.
  • Every unit will become neat & clean.


  • Corona Virus patients will eat high protein foods & Vitamin C tablet or Vitamin C fruits.
  • He will drink hot lemon tea 4-5 times daily.
  • He will drink Hot water with lemon  & little salt 4-5 times daily.
  • He will wear neat & clean cloth.
  • He will walk sometimes every morning & evening time   everyday.
  • He will eat timely his breakfast, launch & dinner.
  • He will get up early from bed & go to bed  early.
  • He will not smoke.
  • We have to make digital 1m  seat distance Bus,Train,Motor,Airline,Evere Office,Mosque,Temple,Hostel,School,College,University,Bank,Bazar,Market,Shopping Center etc.
  • We have to make online business system for every Office.
  • Every Employee will not go to   Office.
  • Some Employee will go to Office for Importance works.
  • Every Employee will work from home remotely.
  • Some company will do regular office such as  Garments, 4th class employee etc,will stay 1m distance system.
    If we will obey our 1m distance system, so we will not need mask.
  • Our education system has no primary treatment system subject for students.
  • There are 70-80 % people has no primary treatment knowledge in the World.
  • We have to make primary treatment one  subjects  for every level students.


  • We will make vaccine for destroying Corona Virus.
  • We will  make antibiotic for destroying Corona Virus.
  • We will make good medicine with reasonable price for destroying Corona Virus.
  • We will make apps, software, protecting device etc.


Corona Virus is one kind of new affected disease in the World. Corona Virus patients will relief by eating high protein foods, hot lemon tea, hot   pure water with little salt, Vitamin C tablet or Vitamin C fruits, walking sometimes every morning & every evening times daily. I hope that every normal Corona Virus   patients  will relief by this Immunity energy power  increasing system.We will give support 24/7 hours time in every day in the World.


Scientist Engr. Md. Abul Fazal born in Village of Digha,Union shahapur,Upozilla Ishourdi,District pabna in 20th December,1986.

His father name is Late Anwar Hossain Pramanik. Only 8 years old,he has lost of  his father.His mother name is Mst. Zarina Khatun.

He has done many successful Activities in the world by Only 33 years old.

He passed primary education from Digha govt. Primary School.He passed S.S.C Examination from Basherbada high school, Basherbada,Ishourdi,Pabna,at 2002.

He was a most  of talent & cute student of Basherbada High School.He passed H.S.C Examination from Islamia Degree College from Chittagong, at 2004.

He completed his B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from International Islamic University Chittagong(IIUC),2009.

He completed his Masters of Computer Science and Engineering from University of South Asia,2012.

Ex-Activities are:

  1. He awarded  Certificate Scholarship by Pabna Samity from Basherbada high school in 2002.
  2. He awarded highest score on math Subjects by Basherbada High School in 2000(Class eight,Final exam).
  3. He awarded  by differents cultural Programs from Basherbada High School in his School Life.
  4. He awarded Certificate by National education week 2003,from Islamia Degree College,Chittagong & Dobolmuring Thana.
  5. He attended Workshops on Mobile Computing and Human Computer Interaction(MoHCL) at BUET(2014,February,13th,14th,two days).
  6. He attended Seminar on Engineering Education : Accreditation and Mobility at IEB(2014,24TH December).
  7. HE was a keynote speaker on Freelancing Seminar for Fresh Engineers (Upwork) at IEB,at 6th March 2015.
  8. He attended Bangladesh Computer Society Election 2017 as a Candidate Joint Secretary Academic.
  9. Totally ,He had done many jobs in different software companies in his professional life for three years as a System Engineer,Expert Web developer,Joomla and Wordpress developer,Programmer,Software Programmer,Sr. Web Developer,Sr. Software Engineer.
  10. He was Medical Promotion Officer of Opso saline  Ltd.
  11. He was Teritory Marketing Officer of Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  13. He attended IEB ELECTION 2020 as a Candidate  Secretary from Bangabandhu Poukoushouly Parishad(Nazrul-Mamun Panel-BPP).
  14. He was a Design Engineer of DDCL(Department E & P Division(REB)).
  15. He has got  Participation  three Certificate about COVID-19(Corona Virus) from WHO, BRAC & JEEON.


Present Activities:

  1. He is the Owner,Founder,Chairman,CEO,Researcher and Computer Scientist of Pabnasoft.Pabnasoft is recorded by Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Document center (Bansdoc-3778). Scientist Engr. Md. Abul Fazal is a Researcher and Computer Scientist of Pabnasoft (Bansdoc-3778).
  2. He is a Design Engineer of Narayanganj Palli Bidyut Samity (NPBS-2) from DDCL & Under Ground Projects  of Narsingdi Palli Bidyut Samity(NPBS-1) from DDCL.
  3. He Received  Accepted Research Paper Corona Virus(Covid-19) Certificate From IJSER.
  4. He is  the  Owner,Founder,CEO of
  5. www.pabnasoft.com
  6. www.pabnasoftirc.com
  7. www.Freedigitalbook.com
  8. www.internationaleshoppingcenter.com
  9. www.irccoronavirus.com
  10. He is a member of Bangladesh Computer Society(M-1878)
  11. He is a member of IEB (M-32773)